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We Made Matzah Balls for the Revolution - Trailer

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The Double - Trailer

A few of our JEWZY CHOOZY TRAILERS • 2m 19s

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  • We Made Matzah Balls for the Revoluti...

    American Jewish Film Awards

    1975: the Kosher Kitchen opened with no owner, no manager, and with no desire for profit. It labeled itself anti-profit and took seriously the slogan "Food for People, Not for Profit." More than a restaurant, they ran Meals on Wheels, a dro...

  • There Are Jews Here - Trailer

    1m Jews live out yonder in once thriving American Jewish communities.

    Here is a celebration of their tenacity and a warning that their histories, synagogues, cemeteries, and sacred possessions (i.e. Torahs, prayer books, memorial plaques, etc.) could vanish without a trace.

    'Congratulations are...

  • The 90 Minute War - Trailer

    Israel v Palestinians - football decides who stays. A politically-incorrect, satirical mockumentary

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted 100 years. 100 years of war, bloodshed, bitterness, suffering. 100 years of stalemate, intransigence and failed peace deals. And now, it's all over! The...