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Remember Baghdad - Trailer

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  • Remember Baghdad - Trailer

    Iraq's last Jews tell the incredible story of their escape from "paradise."

    Iraq was booming, it was pleasure-seeking, and there was inter-communal trust. Iraq was one of the most diverse places on earth, more tolerant of its minorities than any European nation.
    The 2,600 year-old Jewish commu...

  • Life and Hummus - Trailer

    Is world's best hummus in Israel or the West Bank? Jewish American filmmaker enjoys a few surprises!

    Is the Middle East conflict just about land? No! The deeply entrenched views about HUMMUS can be just as important.
    Set to the backdrop of this beautiful region, in this quirky foodie travelog, A...

  • Refusenik - Trailer

    A FIRST CLASS tapestry of first-person accounts of heroism, sacrifice, and ultimately, liberation.

    A fledgling movement of students and housewives eventually freed one and a half million Soviet Jews, and cracked the seemingly impenetrable wall of Soviet Communism.
    "Expert, emotion...